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Picking a San Antonio Irrigation System

San Antonio homeowners have to deal with natural water levels that vary greatly on a yearly
basis. All the up and down can make planning out your natural grass lawn irrigation tricky, to say the least. The easy solution is to invest in a realistic synthetic grass option like EasyTurf.

However, for those who prefer a natural turf lawn, there are ways to make sure that your lawn stays well-hydrated from season to season while keeping your irrigation system waste to a minimum.

Comparing Different Irrigation Systems for Your Lawn

Several factors aside from the weather determine the best practices for watering your lawn. Evaluating your lawn’s size, the way you and your family use your yard, and more can help you decide the best way to plan out your lawn irrigation. Here are some pros and cons of the most common irrigation system used to water lawns.

Hand Watering Your Lawn

Hand watering your lawn in san antonio

A garden hose is an easy and cheap way to water a residential lawn.


  • Best for small to medium-sized lawns
  • Great for gardening (flowers and vegetables)
  • Easy to water specific areas of your lawn
  • Delivers a thorough watering
  • Easy and cheap to install for new homeowners


  • Takes more time than a sprinkler
  • Not ideal for a large lawn
  • Uses more water than a sprinkler
  • May not be able to reach all areas of your lawn


Use a hose to water your lawn when:

  • You have a small or a medium-sized yard– This will help you avoid wasting water outside of your property line.
  • You are watering your garden or another specific small area– This helps you ensure that you only water the area that needs it.


Sprinkler System to Water Your Lawn

irrigation system san antonio

Sprinklers are a great alternative for large lawns or commercial landscapes.


  • Works well with all lawn sizes
  • Easy to disperse equal amounts of water
  • Takes less time than a hose
  • Uses less water than a hose
  • Can adjust water schedule based on the time of the year


  • If system is not adjusted, over watering can occur
  • Movable sprinklers can be a hassle
  • Can leave patches of outlying grass under watered if not installed in the proper places


Use a sprinkler system to water your lawn when:

  • You have a large yard or multiple areas to water– A hose concentrates a high volume of water in one spot, while the sprinkler spreads that volume out over the large surface area to reach patches that may otherwise be missed.
  • You are short on time– A sprinkler will cover a higher volume of your lawn at a quicker rate.


Drip Irrigation to Water Your Lawn

Drip Irrigation System Installation San Antonio

Drip irrigation is great for uneven or sloped lawns as well as avid gardeners.


  • Best for small to medium-sized lawns
  • Great for gardening (flowers and vegetables)
  • Sinks further into soil and mulch making more of an impact
  • Great for irregular shaped or sloped areas


  • Tube damage can cause flooding
  • Proper filtering needed to prevent clogging
  • Installation heavily influences effectiveness of system


Use a drip irrigation to water your lawn when:

  • Your lawn sits on a slope or has uneven terrain– Because drip irrigation systems use flexible tubing it can evenly and slowly water the areas.
  • To help prevent soil erosion– This is common in San Antonio lawns because of the clay-like soil. The soil can expand and contract based on moisture levels.


Comparison Chart of Irrigation Options

Hose Sprinkler System Drip Irrigation
Residental / Small Lawns
Commerical / Large Lawns
Gardens / Flower Beds
Slopes / Uneven Terrain
Even Watering Depends
Water Conservation
Time Efficient
Easy Maintenance Typically
Price Efficient Depends Depends

Three Ways to Have a Healthy Lawn and Limit Irrigation Water Waste

It is up to you to decide which tool will work best for the purposes of irrigating your yard. Once you have decided, you may find it worthwhile to offset that water usage with a couple of the following smart water conservation strategies.

Recycle water

Have you ever used a rain barrel to repurpose rainwater? Try setting up barrels or another rainwater collection receptacles for a greener, more cost-efficient way to keep your lawn healthy during dry spells.

Maintain your irrigation tools

Hoses and sprinklers should be in tip-top shape and free of leaks to get the most out of your irrigation efforts.

Limit water intake

Water deeply and infrequently to save water. It is better to keep your lawn more on the drier side.

Rely on rainwater

Let nature take its course, and only water your lawn when the rain leaves your lawn wanting.

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