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San Antonio residential lawn maintenance

Having the perfect house starts with having a presentable lawn. Do you dream of a lush, beautifully trimmed lawn but don’t have the time to nurture it? Hill Horticulture’s team of landscaping professionals can provide one-time or ongoing care to help you maintain the beauty of your landscape and lawn. We offer many lawn services to help you keep up with your lawn and keep your house looking great for the neighborhood.

San Antonio Residential Lawn Maintenance Services

All Hill Horticulture employees are properly trained, licensed and insured, and they arrive on your property fully uniformed. With only the finest equipment, chemicals, and nursery supplies, they can provide the following lawn maintenance services and more, depending on your needs.


The Hill Horticulture crew comes out to your residence with every scheduled lawn maintenance you request. You can see our options below. We carry top of the line maintenance equipment and regular maintain the equipment in order to give you the best fresh cut lawn each time. We cut your lawn based on your grass type, the size of lawn, growing season, and any other preferences you may have.


With every routine lawn maintenance includes edging around walkways, driveways, patios, any garden beds, backyard fence lines, and around your home. Edging is the essential to finishing off the look of a well-maintained lawn.

Tree & Shrub Trimming (up to 8ft)

Trimming trees & shrubs properly is a key practice to creating a lasting green yard. Our experts evaluate the types of trees and shrubs your lawn contains, in what condition they are in, and the best course of action each month to make sure they grow in healthy and green.

Weed Control (upon request & at additional cost)

Our professionals will evaluate your lawn and provide professional solutions to remove the weeds and keep them under control.  Once we get rid of the weeds in your front and back yard lawn areas, we will continue to maintain your lawn through preventative measures. This will help in keeping any weeds from taking over your lawn and depleting your soil’s nutrients.


In the fall leaves can take over your lawn. Our team will blow away the existing leaves from the lawn areas on every visit to keep your yard looking at its best during the fall and winter holiday months.

Lawn Aeration (upon request & at additional cost)

Lawn aeration is extremely important to ensure your soil receives the proper amount of water, air, and nutrition. Aeration has many benefits and is useful on most lawns. A good sign that you need to consider including aeration of your lawn areas is if your lawn dries out easily and has a spongy feel.

Mulching (upon request & at additional cost)

Mulch helps the soil in your bed areas to retain moisture, it also helps to minimize weed seed germination, and finally it decomposes to create beneficial nutrients for your shrubs and flowers.


We fertilize all of our properties (2) times per year.  In the fall we use winter style fertilizers which help develop strong root systems but do not cause the plants, sod, etc. to want to grow and in the spring we use fertilizers which stimulate growth in the plants, sod, etc. to begin the growing season successfully. Fertilizing your yard at the correct time helps it to continue to grow and does not accidentally feed the weeds that everyone hates.

Residential Lawn Service Options

  • 43 Visits”– Choose this option for weekly service during warm months (March 1 – October 31) and every-other-week service during cool months (November 1 – February 28)
  • “26 Visits” – Choose this option for service every other week, year round
  • “12 Visits” – Choose this option for service once per month, year round
  • Garden Detail– Choose this option if you can handle the mowing and trimming, but simply need someone to take care of the details, such as rose care, topiary pruning, seasonal & storm clean ups, and overall gardening services

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