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Since business started, we noticed that people sway back and forth on whether they should install artificial grass or keep up with their lawn for the natural look. As always we say it depends on your preferences in goals. Some people like the smell of a fresh cut grass and others want a more practical solution for their family. We are not ones to sway, but the biggest complaint we hear from homeowners is paying for the constant upkeep of their yard. Week after week you’re either paying someone to weed, seed, water and mow, or you’re toiling away doing it all yourself. You’ll have the yard of your dreams, but at a steeper cost than you may have anticipated, whether that’s with time or money.

We enjoy a natural lawn, but also want people to know all of the benefits of installing artificial grass in your yard. You can have the beautiful yard without the ongoing cuts to your time and money. You can have a great lawn without the work if you “fake it” with EasyTurf. EasyTurf is the top artificial grass choice for realistic and long-lasting landscaping. If any of your goals fall into our top 6 reasons to use EasyTurf, then I suggest looking further into landscaping your yard with artificial grass, specifically EasyTurf. You can read here why we only use EasyTurf when installing artificial grass for our clients.

Our Top 6 Reasons Why We Think Artificial Grass Solves All of Your Lawn Problems

1. A guaranteed beautiful yard any time of the year

Keeping a green lawn in the winter is nearly impossible, even here in San Antonio when our lowest temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. What about the summer? When it’s 110 degrees outside and you can just see all of your grass slowly dying but there isn’t anything you can do because the city has water restrictions.

Even with close care from a committed homeowner, natural grass has its problems–and they can be unpredictable. Invading grass disease can threaten lush green lawns. Weeds can crop up without warning. Gopher holes and bald spots can start small and grow larger to become muddy eyesores that spread throughout a yard. It’s a constant battle to keep the yard looking great but EasyTurf stays green from install to install, no matter the season, with no need for mowing, watering, toxic pesticides or gardeners. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy how awesome your green yard looks all year round.


2. You save money

There are a couple of ways EasyTurf saves you money.

Long-term cost savings:

How much an EasyTurf costs you depend on a couple of factors including the size of your lawn, and the product you choose. Let’s break down how much you most likely spend on your yard now

  • Water: $15/month * 12 months= $180
  • Fertilizing: $100
  • Lawn Maintenance $25/week * 26 weeks= $650
  • Total $930/year

Now if your EasyTurf lasts you even 15 years, it means your payoff will be only 8 years, saving you almost half in the same amount of time!

Helps with resale value:

Most people who install artificial grass say it helped create property value and believed it helped sell their house faster.

Offers great warranties:

Another big reason we use EasyTurf for artificial grass installs is because it is backed with different kinds of warranties. That’s right, if something happens to your lawn all you do is call up the manufacturer and they take care of it. If there is a storm and your lawn gets destroyed right now it’s kind of in your hands to work the magic and get it fixed.


3. EasyTurf can stand up to even the hardest of conditions

Whatever the climate, whatever the terrain, EasyTurf has been built to last. Even with pets, you can throw a ball around all year round and there’s no need to worry about losing the beautiful look of your lawn. If you install EasyTurf it usually lasts you at 15-20 years. So depending on how long you plan on owning your property, one install may be all you ever need.


4. Helps you conserve water

EasyTurf is made to work with composite sand so it NEVER needs to be watered like real grass does. Did you know that every square foot of grass you replace with artificial grass saves 55 gallons of water a year? Just imagine the impact 1,800 square feet could make (it’s 99,000 gallons of water). As mentioned in benefit one, the Texan summer temperatures peaking in the 100s, so you’ll be grateful you installed EasyTurf when the city rolls out the usual hot weather water restrictions. The way we see it you’re saving money and the environment. This brings me to our next point.


5. It’s environmentally safe and helps saves the environment

EasyTurf is super safe for your kids and pets. The artificial grass doesn’t use toxic materials, and you don’t have to use fertilizers or pesticides. This eliminates harmful chemicals from your family. Also, when you install EasyTurf you’re not only saving water for our planet, you’re recycling and reducing solid, liquid and airborne pollutants. Artificial grass made from recycled products keeps more than 105,000,000 used tires out of landfills. It also cuts down on the grass clippings that fill up city landfills every week. More than 17 million gallons of gas and oil are spilled each year from refueling lawn equipment, and one lawnmower alone creates as much air pollution as 11 cars, in one hour. This means that since you don’t need to mow or trim artificial grass, instead of keeping living grass green, you’re contributing to cleaner air and a greener planet.


6. EasyTurf minimizes the stress of a big landscape project

Any large-scale horticulture project involves a lot of startup costs. Sodding, soil, seeds and labor all cost something. Depending on the size and type of space you have, installing all these elements can take a considerable amount of time. Easyturf minimizes the checklist of products you’ll need to pay for upfront and later in your lawn’s lifetime, and it’s easy to install professional design will keep contractor lawn project timelines to a minimum. Depending on the size of the yard, a typical install takes 1-4 days.


With the cost savings, green friendliness, durability, and beauty of EasyTurf, now is the perfect time to consider artificial grass for your landscaping project – even if you never have before. To sum it all up here is an infographic showing you how EasyTurf, an artificial grass, will be your best investment in San Antonio.

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