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Over time, even a great lawn can go through a period where it’s uneven and rough. Naturally occurring weeds, rapid temperature changes, and even earthworms can cause your lawn to lose its smoothness and become bumpy.

It may seem like the easiest solution to a bumpy lawn is to just have it steamrolled over. However, forcefully flattening it out is not such a great idea. In fact, it might compact your soil too much and potentially choke your grass to death!

Before finding a long-term solution to flatten your yard, it’s important to determine the causes of the various lumps, bumps, holes, and dips.

Animals, both your pets and wild, can dig holes in your lawn. Children playing on your lawn can also create smaller depressions in the soil if it’s too soft. Gardening equipment also tends to create holes on your lawn after being left around for several days.

Small holes and dips (less than an inch deep) usually only require being filled in and sprinkled with a new top soil. Larger holes may need to be seeded or even patched with sod.

Bumps and rises could be caused by objects on your lawn that need to be removed; they could also be caused by burrowing animals. The best thing to do is to try to have these animals removed so that way these areas can be smoothed out. It’s possible to flatten some minor bumps by simply stepping on them.

The best way to fix or create a healthy lawn is to make sure it is green and thick. A regular lawn care routine is essential to keeping the balance. These flattening techniques are also great if you are prepping for any other type of landscape work such as a foundation for a shed or garden beds.

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