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Several factors should be considered when you are choosing the right artificial grass for your garden.

Here are the top factors that we recommend you consider:

  • Budget – Adding artificial grass to your garden is an investment, so it is crucial to consider the amount you are comfortable spending. Create a list with the range of prices so you can find a range that is within you budget.
  • Durability and quality – Research the types and brands of artificial grass you are considering, then make sure to learn about the quality of the grass material and warranty provided
  • How you plan to use your garden – Are you planning to have your friends over for picnics or a game of soccer? Thinking about how you plan to use your garden can help when choosing which grass is the best for your needs.
  • Who will be using your garden – Do you have pets or small children who will likely be playing in your garden? If so, make sure you choose artificial grass that is pet and kid friendly.
  • How you want your garden to look – You should love how your garden looks all year around, so it’s important to consider the overall aesthetic you want. Consider trying samples of artificial grass before buying.
  • Quality installation – Insuring that your artificial grass is properly installed by a professional will make your garden look seamless and last longer.

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