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Designing your dream landscape is more of an art than a science, which opens up more room for your personal creativity. However, things that look great on paper may not always translate well in real life. It isn’t uncommon to make mistakes when designing your landscape for first time, provided you don’t have professional training or assistance.

While mistakes in landscape design come in all different ways, here is a list of common design mistakes as well as some simple solutions:

  • Placing too many decorative items on lawn – Choose only one or two simple items to keep your lawn from looking overly cluttered.
  • Planting things in the wrong place – Think about the amounts of sunshine and shade a plant will need when designing where you will place it.
  • Forgetting the view from your own window – Keep in mind the view that you will see from the inside your house as well when designing.
  • Using the wrong size pots for plants – Always start with smaller pots when planting new things. Once the roots start growing outside the bottom of the pot, then it is time to move it to a larger pot.
  • Picking the wrong plants – Consider plants that are native to your area instead of ones that may not grow well.
  • Not accounting for wildlife – Plant things critters won’t like (bitter-tasting plants) to keep them from eating your plants.
  • Scattered color –Avoid too many colors in your yard by creating a complementary color palette.
  • Failing to be family friendly – Keep in mind how your yard will be used so that is beautiful as well as functional.
  • Impulse buying – Create a list of plants and other materials you will need for your landscape design to avoid
  • buying random items at impulse.

  • Underestimating budget – Do your research and come up with a reasonable budget, along with extra for
    maintenance costs, before your landscape design is finished.
  • If you would like the help of a professional with over 20 years experience in the landscaping business contact us here.

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