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If you’re looking for the secret to maintaining the perfect lawn, well, there are plenty. Just do a quick search on the internet and you will find lots of resources and “secrets” to the perfect lawn.

But the best piece of advice about maintaining your dream lawn is being consistent and having a plan in place.

Here are the 3 essentials to add to your maintenance plan:

  • Watering – Deep and infrequent watering typically works better than light daily watering in the long-term. Adjust your watering to your type of grass, soil, and temperature/conditions.
  • Mowing – Most grasses are dense when mowed tall so make sure to use the highest setting on your mower. However, you should research your grass type to make sure the density specifications are correct and adjust your mowing schedule.
  • Fertilizing – Fertilize regularly, about once per season. Follow the directions on the bag, but make sure you don’t overdo it.

If this is too much work for your schedule, don’t worry! There are also low-maintenance options you should consider such as:

  • Lawn alternatives (rocks, paths, flower gardens, etc.)
  • Opting for artificial turf
  • Installing a patio/deck

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