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What are reasons to lay down a new lawn?

Should you consider a residential artificial turf instead?

Autumn is now in full swing and Winter closing in. You may think it is too early to be planning what you want your lawn to look like in the Spring but now is the perfect time. Contrary to what you may be thinking, putting down a new lawn in Autumn before the first freeze of Winter, is the ideal time to set your lawn up for a lush and beautiful Spring.

Do you still need some convincing before moving forward? Here are some reasons to lay down a new lawn soon:

  • The Lawn Will Take Root

    The cool of the Winter season provides the perfect conditions for your new grass to grow stronger without the sun scorching it up quickly. The lawn will also be less susceptible to damaging rays than in warmer months, and it will have an easier time taking root.

  • The Lawn Will Establish Itself

    The warmer soil left over from Summer will allow the lawn turf to take root at the right temperature and grow properly.

  • Requires Less Watering and Maintenance

    A new lawn planted in Autumn will get more regular waterings from the rainy season than lawns planted at other times. This will lead to less watering for you to do yourself. The growth of the grass will also be slow during the season, so you won’t have to mow it often and it can be left alone to grow and establish.

  • The Lawn Will Be Ready for Summer

    The new lawn will have several months to grow and will be lush and strong by the time Summer arrives.

  • The Weather is Cooler

    Laying a new lawn now won’t be too uncomfortable as the temperatures are slowly getting cooler. If you decided to lay down a new lawn in a warm season you would get exhausted much more quickly.

  • It Will Be Great for People with Pets

    Pets will be able to enjoy the lawn much more when it has the chance to grow and not dry out.

  • You Will Get That Feeling of Accomplishment

    Give yourself a boost of confidence and admire your hard work once Spring comes!

  • Your Neighbors Will Be Impressed

    The neighbors will want to know how you laid down a new lawn and how they can do it too! Fill them in on all your landscaping knowledge and make new friends.

Residential Artificial Turf

If you’re still hesitant about laying down new grass seed as the weather cools, consider putting in a high-quality residential artificial turf option like EasyTurf. EasyTurf has a real grass-like texture and look, and will keep your lawn looking outstanding throughout the gloomy winter weather and into the warm months. While natural grass will spend the winter getting rooted to your yard, and will only yield its great results in the Spring, artificial turf options like EasyTurf can withstand blizzards, frozen temperatures, and 100 degree plus scorchers, all without loosing color or springiness.

Click here to contact a landscaping expert and discuss weather natural or artificial turf is best for your lawn and location.

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