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Are you tired of your current landscape? Does it need a major makeover? If your answer to these questions is “yes” it may be a great time to seek a professional landscape designer who can help you sketch out a vision for your dream landscape.

Not sure if the investment is worth the cost? Consider this: your landscape determines the first impression your property makes on visitors. If you’re on the verge of selling, it can impact your list price. If you’re happily home, a poorly designed or poorly maintained landscape can become an eyesore that causes neighbors to complain. Any residential zone with this significant degree of visibility requires the upmost thought, planning, and care.

Aside from these factors, there are added benefits to hiring a landscape designer that make them worth the investment:

  • Landscape designers have typically earned a Bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture or some other type of formal training. They know how to create landscapes specific to homes, schools, businesses, and other types of organizations.
  • Designers can view your current landscape and use hand-drawn or electronic sketches to plan out your future look. Their sketches frequently include suggestions for plants that would work well in your climate and structures that should be built in or added such as walkways or water fountains.
  • If your designer benefits from an association with a reputable a horticulture company, they can contact their installation staff and work alongside them to make sure you get the design you want with minimal contracting.
  • As a customer, you can meet with your designer to provide them details on what you would like the finished product to look like.

From what we’ve seen, customers who choose to hire a landscape designer are typically happy with their choice to seek professional support.

If you’re still apprehensive, consider the alternative: relandscaping on your own. While this is a perfectly achievable goal, it will involve considerable time and hard labor. You’ll need to analyze which plants work best for your climate, which work best for the future uses of your landscape, how to irrigate each plant type, and where structural adjustments should be made to your yard to accommodate all of your selections. This, plus, making sure that all plants and mulch types in your yard are safe for any children or pets in your household.

Have more questions on how to hire or how to work with a professional landscape designer? Contact Hill Horticulture to set up a private consultation.

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