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Too many weeds popping up in your lawn? There are a couple of ways we recommend to outsmart pesky weeds and prevent their return. The basics -maintain healthy grass, use weed killers, and have a bit of patience. We’ll go into more detail here:

  • Practice prevention – Make sure that you mow your lawn to the proper height. This will keep the weeds from coming up in the first place. Consult your local horticulture expert to determine the right height to combat weeds for your climate and soil type.
  • Identify the types of weeds – Learn what types of weeds might infest your grass. Each weed is its own species and has its own strengths and weak points, so knowing what proves most effective for each type will greatly enhance your chances of eliminating invasive weeds for the long term.
  • Control weeds – Use the least amount of herbicide possible to try to kill weeds. Use a larger amount of herbicide to kill patches of weeds and a smaller amount to spot-treat individual weeds. Herbicides aren’t only great at killing weeds; they’re also great at killing other healthy landscape and at making pets sick, so use any toxic substances like this as sparingly as possible.
  • Contact an expert – If your methods are not working, make sure to call an expert like Hill Horticulture, Inc. to make sure that your lawn work gets done right.

Weeds don’t have to become a nightmare if you commit to keeping them in check with regular lawn maintenance. Invest the time to maintain your lawn weekly, and you’ll be surprised at how healthy it will look.

However, if you’re short on time, and don’t want to pay someone else to mow, weed, fertilize, water, and reseed your lawn over time, consider investing in an artificial turf alternative like EasyTurf. EasyTurf gives you the lush look and feel of real grass, but with none of the weeds, bald patches, or water waste of a natural grass lawn.

Have questions on artificial turf, or interested in scheduling a one-on-one consultation to address weed problems in your yard? Give us a call at 210-494-6469 or fill out this form and we’ll reach out to you!

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