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Winter is the season where you probably spend the least time thinking about your lawn. Taking a hands-off approach in preparing your lawn for the winter will do more harm than good though; here are some handy tips to prepare your lawn for the harsh winter ’17-’18 season ahead:

  • Fertilize Now – Late fall and early winter are the best times to fertilize your lawn. Fertilizing will replace all the nutrients your lawn lost from the heat in the summer months.
  • Mow – Make sure your grass is as short as possible before the first freeze to keep field mice and other burrowing animals away to keep from destroying your yard in the winter.
  • Keep it Clean – Take anything (logs, toys, etc.) off your lawn during the winter to keep from having dead spots in your grass.
  • Stay off the Grass as Much as Possible – Once the first freeze strikes, try to stay off your lawn as much as possible. The grass is in a phase where it is weak and can be killed very easily if you are not careful.

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