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Are you considering re-landscaping your yard but worried about creating something that’s dog or pet-friendly?

While there are some plants, like chrysanthemums or rose bushes, that won’t work in yards with pets, there are others, like cilantro, marigolds, and sunflowers that are very pet-friendly. The key when selecting plants to incorporate into your landscape is to do your research with each one. Consult your local greenhouse or home improvement store to find out which plants will work for both your climate and your four-legged family members.

A beautiful landscape also involves a beautiful foundation. That said, pets are great companions, but they’re not usually great for your lawn. Clawed paws tear up turf and topsoil; furry backs roll in bare spots; and of course, all animals feel the call of nature at some point or another.

Artificial grass is truly a great option for both you and your pets. It’s perfect if you are tired of muddy paws entering your house, urine stains on your natural grass, or giant holes dug up in your yard.

Your pets, especially dogs, will love roaming around and playing on artificial grass because it is durable and feels like natural grass without all the imperfections like stickers that get caught on their paws. Artificial grass is also porous, and unlike natural grass, won’t stain from your pets urinating on it. Cleaning up after your pets is easier on turf because you can quickly wipe up the mess. All this, plus, its durability resists digging paws while also discouraging pet-bothering pests like gophers and ants.

Another option would be mulch or a rocky landscape scheme, but this isn’t the best choice for every climate or for homeowners with families who want to enjoy the soft feel of grass while playing outside. All in all, artificial turf is the best option to join the pet-friendly plants in your newly landscaped lawn.

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