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Torrential rain showers, thunderstorms, or other forms of inclement weather this time of year can cause an increased amount of water to collect around your house quickly. This can lead to multiple problems and damage your home, your foundation, and your landscaping without proper drainage techniques set in place.

Here are some tips and ideas on how to direct water drainage dripping near your house safely out into your yard:

  • Invest in a gutter system for your home. – If your house doesn’t already have gutters, this rainy season would be a great time to invest in them. A good gutter system will help direct water back to the ground and will give your lawn an extra watering without you having to spend extra effort. Tip: Do not try to do this yourself! Contact a professional with proven experience installing gutter systems. Attempting this installation without the proper tools and training can prove dangerous or life threatening.
  • If you have natural grass, you can install a French drain. – What is a French drain? A French drain is a trench filled with rock or gravel that houses a perforated pipe that redirects water away from a specific area. Installing one requires you to dig a trench in your yard, which isn’t too difficult to do by yourself, but you should contact your local utilities company ahead of time to make sure you won’t be damaging any underground lines.
  • Build a dry well if you have natural grass. – To create a dry well, dig cylindrical holes into the ground. Then, fill them with gravel to help increase the ground’s ability to hold water. This is a great option for a small yard that continually ends up with pools of water during the rainy seasons.

Mother Nature never asks for permission, but with the proper preparation, you can make the most of her rainy mood swings. For more advice on how to prepare your lawn for any season of weather, contact Hill Horticulture here.

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