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Why does your yard need a sprinkler system?

That’s the first question you should answer when deciding how to lay out a sprinkler system in your lawn. A yard sprinkler system can be set up for maximum irrigation, gentle maintenance, or a mixture of both, so knowing what outcome you want and what the plants and grass in your yard crave will go a long way toward helping you figure out what type of sprinkler system layout works best for your situation.

Here are five quick tips that will help you think like a landscape designer when it comes to planning the layout for your sprinkler system:

  • Collect Information on Your Yard – Start by measuring your yard – what your lawn’s square footage? You need to know how much area you will be working with. Next, find out your current water supply, and measure the flow of your water.
  • Select Sprinkler Equipment – The pressure of your water is key to selecting your sprinkler system materials. Contact a local professional for information on which sprinkler heads, valves, mainlines, and pipes you will need for your specific yard.
  • Figure Out Your Sprinkler Placement – Determine the amount of spacing you’ll need between sprinkler heads based on the size of your yard. This is important so that every inch of your lawn will receive water evenly. You will want to avoid those pesky dry spots.
  • Draw Routes of Pipes – Identify zones where your pipes will be needed to run water. Use these zones as the starting points to draw the sprinkler pipe routes.
  • Calculate Pipe Sizes – Last but not least, figure out what sizes and lengths of pipes you’ll use to bring water into your sprinkler system.

Keep in mind that the above five steps are just some basic tips to get you started. Once you’re ready to install, it’s best to get a professional irrigation designer to sign off on your work, and make sure your plans and expectations are realistic. A professional can also help you draw out a design before having your system professionally installed. Contact us here today to get started on your sprinkler system project.

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