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Artificial grass for dogs in San Antonio

If you are like most people, you have a pet to consider before installing artificial grass in your lawn. You probably know the benefits artificial turf brings to your family – low maintenance, eco-friendly – but fake grass is a great option for pet owners for other reasons too:

  • Pesticide-free
  • Controls rodents
  • Pest-free environment minimizes the risk of flea and tick infestations
  • Mud-free, so pets stay clean even when it rains
  • No more holes from digging
  • No yellow or brown urine spots on lawn

If, “Great! Sign me up!” is what you’re thinking, not so fast. Not all artificial grass is created equal. Consider the following to ensure the best experience for you and your pet.

1. Quality of turf:

As we said, not all turf is created equal. Quality can range from a fake plastic feel to synthetic fibers that feel and look like natural grass. We always use EasyTurf synthetic grass when installing artificial grass. It is one of the highest quality fake turf products, meets all environmental guidelines, and has a softer, natural looking blade. The Humane Society, Cesar Millan, and professional pet boarders in dog runs also choose EasyTurf, making it pet-friendly certified. We suggest taking the time to research which turf you will install. It can make or break your artificial grass experience. Since artificial grass lasts anywhere from 10-15 years, you’ll be glad you did the homework.

2. Odor protection:

Odor is a significant consideration for pet owners when installing artificial turf. Cleaning up pet waste is easier with artificial grass. You can pick up the waste or wash it away with a hose and call it a day. However, there are sometimes problems for pet owners with urine and artificial grass. With natural grass, urine is absorbed into the soil. However, with artificial grass, some urine is absorbed but not all. Over time this can lead to a bad smell in your yard, even with constant clean up. Hiring an expert turf installer will help mitigate this challenge. When working with clients, we always ask if they have pets or want pets in the future. If pets use the turf, we suggest installing a turf deodorizer at the base during install. It will help neutralize odors in the future keeping your lawn smelling fresh and urine free.

3. Quality of install:

As suggested above, hiring an expert to install artificial grass helps you enhance the overall quality of your artificial lawn. Durability and safety are vital for pet owners. Experts can help with any safety hazards, such a tripping, by installing turf evenly throughout your lawn. Another significant factor is durability. If your pet is extremely active, digs holes, or plays rough with your yard, it’s important to have a proper install and seamless edges, helping maximize your investment.

4. Infill quality:

Infill is the layer underneath artificial grass and is just as important as the turf grass itself. There are two main types of infill: crumb rubber or silica granules or sand. Both are great options, but for pet owners, we suggest spending a little more and opting for the silica granules. One reason is that it is more durable than crumb rubber. Silica granules are used on playgrounds and athletic fields because they can withstand more foot traffic. This fill type also contains an antimicrobial coating which helps stop the spread of bacteria from pet waste, making it a safer environment for your family. The third reason, and possibly the most important reason for San Antonio residents, is that silica granules cool down artificial grass during hot temperatures. A big problem with pet owners who use crumb rubber is that it quickly heats up the artificial grass, making it hot for pets to walk on. Silica granules are light colored and reflect heat, keeping your turf cooler than crumb rubber infill.

A great experience with artificial turf starts with research and a quality install. Understanding the best options for a pet will help you make the most out of your lawn, both for you and your pet. Fill out our contact form for more information on how to optimize your synthetic grass.

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