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Your yard – chances are if you’re raising a family and own a home, lawn space was one of the top factors you evaluated when you purchased your home. Your lawn is where your kids run, play and make memories, so it’s important that it’s not only a beautiful space but a safe one as well. Here are some solutions to creating a fun backyard space for your kids to play.

Add in a Playground Area

Backyard Playground Tips | Hill Horticulture Inc.

Nothing says a kid-friendly backyard like adding a playground or even a playhouse.

Some tips when installing a playground in the yard:

  • If you can, pick the most leveled part of the backyard to set up the play area
    • This will help you out with a shorter installation.
  • If your backyard is full of slopes, stake out the four corners
    • You can then tie strings around each post to dig out an even surface
  • Choose a spot away from fences and trees
    • This helps make the play area safe and reduces injuries
  • Consider rounding sharp edges on the playset
    • Use a hand plane to re-do the edges

Install Artificial Grass

Artificial Turf Backyard | Hill Horticulture Inc.

A couple of reasons we recommend using artificial turf:

  • It removes the need for any pesticides or fertilizers
    • Artificial turf can be eco-friendly, non-toxic, and does not require the use of potentially harmful pesticides or fertilizers making it also the safe choice for you and your family.
  • Reduces allergies from any plants or insects that come with natural turf
    • Installing synthetic grass can reduce your children’s exposure to naturally occurring plant allergens and prevent them from overexposure to microbes that may cause illness.
  • Kids can go wild on the new turf, and you won’t create any mud holes or damage
    • Eliminate sparse, muddy patches in your yard for a neat look and clean play surface for at least 10 years, depending on the quality of turf you install.
  • No more grass stains!
    • The soft, synthetic strands of artificial grass won’t leave your kids’ clothes or knees stained after play.
  • A softer playing area means fewer injuries
    • EasyTurf feels just as soft as real grass to the touch and overlays a layer that adds extra impact cushioning.
  • Minimizes rainy downtime with quick precipitation drainage
    • Some artificial grasses come with excellent drainage, helping make the backyard available shortly after rain.

Create a Family Garden

Vegetable Garden Tips | Hill Horticulture Inc.

A family garden is a great way to create family memories and eat delicious vegetables!

If you want to install a family garden, consider the following:

  • Choose a spot in the yard furthest from trees
    • Trees tend to have rodents and insects near them, which are never good for a vegetable garden.
  • Pick a sunny spot
    • Vegetables need as much sunlight as possible.
  • Choose a spot with easy water access
    • You will need to water your garden often so make sure the hose can reach it.
  • Consider using natural pesticides like eggshells and coffee ground to keep insects away
    • This will be a safer alternative for your kids.

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