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Small backyards typically don’t get the same type of love as larger lawns, but they’re still worthy of looking beautiful. Property owners may choose to have a smaller lawn for one of three reasons:

  • Saving time on upkeep
  • Saving money on upkeep
  • Lack of square footage for a larger yard

The reasons many choose a smaller yard instead of a bigger yard closely mirror the reasons why property owners choose artificial grass over natural grass.

  • Artificial grass is more low maintenance than natural grass. It doesn’t require watering, cutting, or any regular upkeep, so it gives you more time to enjoy your lawn instead of having to always take care of it. Plus, you won’t have to deal with puddles or mud building up after it rains.
  • Artificial grass is pet friendly. Pets, especially dogs, will love to run around on your artificial grass. As an added bonus, your lawn won’t develop yellow, dead spots where your pets have done their business.
  • Artificial grass will save you money over time. Your water bills will slowly decrease because you won’t have to continually water your lawn day after day, nor will you have to invest in lawn trimming tools or services, reseeding, or other natural grass costs.
  • Artificial grass is environmentally friendly. It demands neither pesticides nor harsh fertilizers to look stunning every day of the year.

Suffice it to say, if you’re tired of all the maintenance and high costs that it takes to keep natural grass looking nice in a small backyard, it may be time to think about changing to artificial grass.

When it comes to artificial grass, we recommend EasyTurf for small and large lawns alike. That’s because EasyTurf is more than just the turf grass itself like some other options. It’s more of a complete landscape system. When professionally installed, it’s highly durable and gives lawns the look and feel of lush, healthy grass for years and years to come. Learn more about why we recommend EasyTurf for lawns of all sizes here.

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