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Is your grass growing too quickly for you to manage its upkeep?

If your grass is growing out of control, it may be time to think about some solutions to slow down the growth. Yes, it’s possible to slow the growth of your grass!

While chemicals aren’t the best option for this, we have a couple of recommendations to help you prevent your grass from growing too quickly for you to manage. Here are some ideas to slow your lawn’s natural grass growth without harsh chemicals:

  • Cut your grass lower. – When mowing your lawn, adjust the blade so that you cut the grass to a shorter length. Continue to cut at a lower setting each time you mow.
  • Dethatch. – Beware, your lawn will look quite ugly immediately after this, but dethatching will help your grass grow back healthier and slower.
  • Rethink your lawn. – If your grass growth has always outpaced your upkeep schedule, it may be time to think about replacing it with artificial turf. An artificial turf option like EasyTurf will save you the maintenance costs and time associated with natural grass, while retaining a neat and pristine appearance 365 days a year, for many years to come.

As we mentioned before, chemicals are not the best option for regulating natural grass growth. However, if you simply prefer a chemical approach to the options we’ve outlined here, you can try using plant growth regulators (PGRs). PGRs are available at hardware stores and can help slow down the rate at which your grass grows. However, you should only use PGRs sparingly as they can cause irreversible damage to your lawn if used too heavily or incorrectly.

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