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Is there a foam or bubbles sitting on the top of your lawn? When this happens, it’s called a waterbed and no, I’m not talking about the cool mattress from the ‘90s.

A waterbed happens on your lawn when the ground is already fully saturated and cannot hold any more water. If any more water is added, water seeps through the sod which can cause the mixture to float upwards and sit on the top of your grass or even create a bubble underneath.

All this extra water creates a soggy waterbed feeling, especially when you walk or push on your grass and hear the dreaded sloshing sound.

This waterbed effect can be caused naturally by too much rain, but it can also happen if you tend to accidentally overwater your grass. Another likely cause of a waterbed occurring could be a leak or break in your underground irrigation system.

Waterbeds are also complicated and require a solution that addresses the problem that begins at the roots of the grass. Adding more sod or grass will help soak up some of the excess water but is not a long-term solution. The root of the problem with waterbeds is that there is too much water sitting below the surface of the grass.

A great solution to keep waterbeds from reoccurring is to consider artificial grass installed by a professional. With this option, all your current problematic grass can be completely removed as well as the soggy sod underneath before the new artificial turf is installed.

A professional crew can then properly prepare the land before installing your new turf to prevent any future waterbeds. Artificial turf also requires less maintenance than natural grass and can eliminate extra water being used. If you’re in need of a free quote from a professional, contact us here.

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