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Trying to maintain natural grass in a hot and dry climate, like a desert, is a challenge. Natural grass needs frequent watering and cutting to maintain. Without the help of rain to keep your grass green, watering is not only tedious but also adds up in cost.

In terms of the long run, it is much more cost effective to install artificial grass in a desert climate.

Here are just a few of the reasons why artificial grass is the most dependable choice for hot and dry climates.

  • Artificial grass, especially EasyTurf, looks and feels like natural grass, so you don’t have to compromise the appearance of your lawn.
  • High quality artificial grass that is professionally installed is durable and can resist the hot temperatures and dry climate; it won’t end up warping like cheap fake grass. Also, the fill in artificial turf can also keep your lawn up to 25% cooler.
  • A lawn of artificial grass is especially helpful in the summer in dry climates because water restrictions are typically higher. Other household needs such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing use a lot of water and removing the need to water your lawn helps save water for other necessities.

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