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Hill Horticulture serves Central Texas residential and commercial clients out of San Antonio. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality landscape design, installation, and maintenance with landmark customer service. Here are two of our most recent summer landscaping projects.

The Doggone Great Yard Makeover
Dog-Friendly Landscaping

In the Doggone Great Yard Makeover, we worked with a homeowner who provides regular care for rescue dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages. The Doggone Great Yard Makeover took this customer’s lawn from ordinary to extraordinarily pet and plant safe and resulted in a neat and attractive yard with lots of personality.

We tailored this yard to its rescue dog inhabitants by replacing large areas of natural grass with EasyTurf synthetic grass, broken up by large stone and gravel pathways. Swapping out EasyTurf artificial grass for natural grass and keeping all the pathways stone based rather than sod-based will serve two purposes:

  1. The materials will allow air to easily circulate, keeping the ground cool for sensitive animal paw pads.
  2. The main materials omit the use of natural soil, which will reduce the chances that lively foster pets will dig up and damage the landscape or track dirt into the homeowner’s house.
  3. The new yard minimizes pest breeding spaces, helping four-legged visitors avoid contact with the illnesses, infections, or infestations that pests threaten.

Additionally, we placed auxiliary plant life in sturdy pots, on either elevated rock shelves or in iron plant hangers hammered firmly into the earth. This helps to break up the look of the lawn and give it some interest while keeping sensitive plant roots out of the dogs’ dig or damage zone.

Makeover Budget: $10,000

Shady Summer Lawn Transformation
Family Friendly Landscaping

Our homeowner in the Shady Summer Lawn Transformation had tried landscaping on her own before bringing in Hill Horticulture. Her lawn had a significant amount of tree shade, which is a great thing to have in the hot summer heat of San Antonio, Texas, but made it a challenge to grow new natural grass, despite close ongoing care and maintenance. This homeowner has young children, so having a soft, neat, and clear place for them to play outside took paramount importance.

We opted for a simple, but effective, solution for this homeowner. We replaced the sod and the sparse grass on top of it with top artificial turf option, EasyTurf. We then re-bedded the border of her lawn with local, shade-friendly plants that brought color and texture into the outdoor space. The placement of these plants kept them away from the play area, maintaining plenty of clear space for the family’s children to frolic, and lights spaced throughout this border keeps the lawn lit for play past sunset without intruding into the main lawn area.

Makeover Budget: $15,000

Plan Your Own San Antonio Landscaping Project

If you’re thinking of starting your own project, begin the same way we did in these projects:

  1. Set objectives: How will you be using the yard? What challenges this goal right now?
  2. Set a budget: 1. Realistically, how much are you willing to spend? The cost of any lawn project will vary on the size of the space, the location, and the way or ways in which you plan to enjoy your yard.

If you’re ready to maximize the way you use your outdoor space, give the experts at Hill Horticulture a call at 210-494-6469. Our experts can help give you a free estimate and ideas for your landscape project.

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