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Fertilizers and other harsh chemicals can be dangerous to your lawn if you overdo it even a bit. Not all lawns are created equal, and some may be more sensitive to the chemicals in fertilizer than others.

5 Steps to Full Repair

Whether the fertilizer only burned a tiny patch of your grass or a large area, damaged lawns can usually be repaired – however, the fix may take more than some simple TLC. The burned sections will have to be removed, discarded, and replaced with new seed.

Here are the steps that this solution usually requires:

  • Score around smaller, burnt areas, and remove small patches of dead grass. For large sections or more damage, use a tiller to dig up and remove. 

  • Remove about an inch of soil from where the dead grass was removed. The fertilizer that burned your grass will still be in this soil because it reached the roots of your grass. Removing this soil will keep your new grass from being poisoned by too much of the same culprit. 

  • Add fresh topsoil to the areas from where you removed the dead grass and old soil. Rake the topsoil to keep your lawn at an even level. 

  • Seed the fresh topsoil according to the directions on the package, or add moist sod instead of seeding. 

  • Water the seeds thoroughly, using about an inch of water, and wait for your lawn to sprout new grass. 

A Closing Word of Caution

Although a little work intensive, the above process works well for natural grass lawns of all types, sizes, and damage levels. Stick to this plan instead of trying to go with a lawn patch kit. Although they may sound like a great all-in-one fix, these kits should be avoided at all costs.
Do not use something with more fertilizer over an area that has been previously damaged with fertilizer. Don’t play with fire, because you’ll get burned.

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