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Save your grass in 5 easy steps.

Oh no, your lawn is dying!

Nothing is more frustrating than a stubborn lawn that rebels against your best efforts to care for it. A lawn is a living thing, and the ones that do the best have great luck and receive the most reliable care. This can be frustrating to lawn owners with busy schedules (one more source of weekend chores!), but to save time and stress, you can invest in a good quality brand of artificial grass like EasyTurf, to give your lawn a good look year-round, without all the weekly maintenance. However, if you want to persevere and revive the lawn you have, , there are a couple of easy steps you can follow to turn a barren or struggling landscape into a lush, comfortable yard:

    1. Water your lawn first before trying to do anything else. This will help soften and loosen the soil in your lawn.

    2. Mix up some new soil with fertilizer, in a large container, such as a tub. Use your hands to break up any large chunks that may form.

    3. Evenly and thinly spread the mixture over large patches of your lawn in the areas that need to be revived.

    4. Aerate the areas to which you have applied the mixture. This will help the new soil and fertilizer to start working together.

    5. Water your lawn again, and make sure to continue watering about every two days until your lawn revives.

Unfortunately, not every dead lawn will be able to be revived. While it may be possible to revive your lawn, it might also be a smarter option to put down a new lawn. If the above steps don’t work for you, consult with Hill Horticulture to find out if a new lawn or quality artificial turf option may be better for you.

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